Luxury Products Appeal to the Senses and are Marketed Differently

The legendary Harry Winston understood Luxury Marketing. Harry Winston did not merely love diamonds, he was passionate about diamonds. The Hope Diamond was his private treasure for 10 years before he donated it to the Smithsonian. He did not run sales or advertise to the masses. It was necessary to make an appointment to choose a diamond from a personally selected assortment of stones he was willing to sell. Owning a Harry Winston diamond meant you belonged to an elite circle.

Ferrari very seldom runs mass media ads. Ferrari invests in Formula 1 events, consistently linking Ferrari and high performance in the minds of consumers. Luxury marketing is focused upon a limited number of products available to only the right customers.

Raising the price is often a more effective marketing strategy for luxury items than lowering the price. Brioni, an exclusive Italian luxury clothier, reacted to an economic downturn by designing a new line of incredibly expensive men’s suits. Only 100 handmade suits were produced each year, selling for more than $40,000 each. Both Donald Trump and James Bond appreciate Brioni suits.

Luxury products answer a need, but not in the same way as a mass market product. A Ferrari and a Honda will both take you from point A to point B, but the experience is entirely different. An off-the-rack suit and a Brioni suit are both clothing, but anyone in the know will instantly recognize that the Brioni is custom-made.

Luxury items do not scream that one is better than another. Each is unique, making a bold statement that no compromises will be made about its identity. What is best is what matters, not what is more readily available or less expensive. A perfectly acceptable and usable Ferrari or Brioni could be produced without the finest leather or fabrics, but it won’t be. Luxury is a superlative.

Luxurious items produce a sensual experience and create an emotional connection. This is sometimes called sensory branding. When luxury products are photographed, the images often look as though they should be framed to hang in an exclusive art gallery or private collection. There is no blatant sales pitch to “buy it now.”

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