People Buy Luxury Living Spaces in Turkey for Cash Up Front!

Investing in real estate here relies on buyers paying off their mortgages over 15, 20 or 30 years. It is different in some other countries. I learned that some of the premium real estate in Turkey that is being built for residential housing is being sold for 100 percent cash up front, or 50 percent now and the rest in 12 equal installments. I have never heard of this. Turkey has a lower cost of living, but I am talking about modern skyscrapers with luxury living spaces. They call them apartments to buy in Turkey, but we would understand them better as condos. These are really nice places. The mix of Ottoman, European and Asian design elements make for some really fabulous living spaces.

I have seen marble bathrooms, kitchens in white that have stainless steel appliances. Everything is as modern and state of the art as you would expect for a luxury condo here. Continue reading “People Buy Luxury Living Spaces in Turkey for Cash Up Front!”

Perfect Living for a Young Family

When my husband accepted a position with a major national shipping company in Nevada, it fell to me to research Henderson Nevada apartments so we could line up a place to live before he started working. There is certainly nothing more disastrous than moving across the company and finding yourself homeless, so when I was looking I made sure to pay attention to the fine print. We have a young daughter and we just could risk not filling out the paperwork correctly. That happened to my husband and I early on in our marriage and we ended up sleeping in our car.

I suppose I didn’t need to worry too much because we found a marvelous place that cares about their tenants and wants to make sure they are happy. The amenities are to die for in my opinion. We are going to have an apartment unit with stainless steel appliances, wood floors, a washer and a dryer, and a private balcony. I’m very happy to have a walk in closet as well since the closet space I’ve been putting up with for the last several years can’t hold even a fraction of my clothes let alone my husband’s stuff.

The area is nice too. The complex is extremely close to all sorts of shopping centers and restaurants and it also looks like my daughter won’t have far to go to get to school. Of course, if the job works out and my husband gets a promotion, we will likely look for a house as I was mostly raised in apartments and I want our daughter to have the joy of living in her own home, but this apartment is going to be the nicest place we’ve lived since we married. We’re all thrilled to get out there and get on with our new life in Nevada.